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Guild Rules

Standard Rules of Conduct and Guild Policies


  1. Ninja Looting - If you intentionally roll on an item out of your class or range of need, for your personal gain, you will be removed from guild and blacklisted.  No excuses / No Exceptions
  2. Insubordination - If you are asked to comply by an officer to stop doing something stupid, out of line etc. and you refuse - you will be removed
  3. Disrespect - If you intentionally show an overall lack of standards, class, are generally rude, disrespectful or have an inability to function in a social environment and coexist with other people, you will be finding another home.

2.     You will conduct yourself in an adult manner at all times. We are not your parents. You will show respect and consideration to all guild members, officers, and alliance guild members, regardless if you’re in or out of raid.

3.     You will show some attributes and effort at being a team player. Being part of a guild means you are part of a team. It’s a privilege, not a right. Selfishness and greed will be grounds for being kicked.

4. Raids / Instances:

  1. While participating in a raid you will be responsible for making sure you are repaired beforehand, you have all reagents, potions etc.
  2. You will not do anything to jeopardize the raid and cause a wipe.
  3. You will be responsible for getting your toon to the zone being raided. We will not be summoning ¾ of the raid party.
  4. You will follow raid instructions given by raid leader.
  5. No goofing off, etc - you will pay attention.
  6. No going AFK during a raid without telling raid leader.
  7. No whining, begging, bitching about buffs, you will get them, when they are available.
  8. No bitching about loot dispersion - it will always be done fairly and to appropriate classes.
  9. Raids are scheduled at certain times and dates. Be on time and ready to go. Don’t get into raid, if you won’t be there long.
  10. You will play your class.
  11. Regarding endgame raids outside guild:
    Do not raid endgame outside guild and get yourself saved to an instance.   
  12. First offense: You will not be allowed any loot in endgame with guild for 2 weeks
    Second Offense: You will be removed from guild.
  13. WE ARE NOT A PVP GUILD - We are a raiding guild, based on endgame.  Please PVP in your offtime. If you leave a raid for a battleground at anytime - you will be removed from guild.
  14. Guild officers are not to reprimand or handle matters of discipline on an open channel, such as raid chat, guild chat, over Ventrilo, etc.  Please take it to a private channel.
  15. The Raid Sign up is a tool to guage attendance. Not a guaranteed seat in a Raid. However if you do sign up you will have priority over those that didn't. But, please keep in mind that we will do the best to insure a favorable outcome of a raid rather than inviting in the order of signups. <== Rule added 8/1/06           

5.     A guild is a group of players that like to play together. Please try to help fellow guild members that need help. It shouldn’t be left up to 5 or 6 officers to always help. Try to take some time away from your farming endeavors to help someone, the more you help each other - the stronger we get.

6.     Officers have been given rank for a reason. These are guild & class leaders so please listen to them.

7.     If you are not sure what you’re doing, just ask. Most of us have been playing for awhile, and can give you pointers or assistance.

8.     Relax and have fun.

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